Get Better Sales From Your Website Using A Sales Funnel

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Get Better Sales From Your Website Using A Sales Funnel

You may have heard the term before, but may not be sure what they are. Sale Funnels!
They can be one of the most useful tools to drive sale through your website if you know what they are and how to set one up. To be honest, it’s pretty simple, so let’s get started.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a process of steps that a user will take on your website, social media or other sources that can be used to drive traffic to your website. The result of the sales for is for your traffic to see your products and services which in turn increases sales, but in basic terms, it’s taking your customer traffic on a journey from A to B.

What Is A Sale Funnel

Why Do This?

Social media is a great place, but to keep your customers and their details there is risky, algorithms used by them may change, they may choose to start charging you for the privilege in future all of which can seriously affect your business. The idea of a sales funnel is for you and your website to get the customer contact data so that in future if this happens your business will not be at risk.

Also, t means you can give a more personal touch to your potential customers by marketing directly to them via email. Plus get the latest offers and information to them directly in their web browser.

Show Me An Example Of A Sales Funnel

With our sales funnel for example we will post helpful posts on social media which in turn brings potential customers to our website to read our blog ( just like you are doing now! ). As you will have noticed on entering the site an alert was displayed to you to be notified to get the latest tips, information and helpful blogs to help improve sales on your website ( we hope you selected allow to get these alerts ). Every visitor that subscribes to our alerts is then asked to subscribe to our mailing list. They are also alerted on any new blogs we post and also any alerts we wish to send with our special offers etc directly to the customer’s browser in real-time. This again brings people back to our website to read our blog and again see the products and services we have to offer each time they do so.

This vastly increases the chances of turning the customers into sales!

Example Sales Funnel

So What Have I Gained With A Sales Funnel

Here is exactly what you have gained:

  1. A way to send information directly to potential customers
  2. A way to increase the number of people signing up to your mailing list, this is potential customers names and email addresses that have agreed for you to contact them
  3. A way to keep bringing potential customers and existing customers back to your website so that you can ensure you are increasing your chances of your website generating sales

So we hope you liked this little lesson on sales funnels. If don’t forget to allow our alerts to be kept informed in future or sign up to our mailing list here 


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