Top 5 WordPress Plugins For 2020

Admin/ March 5, 2020/ Our Blog

So you are using a WordPress website and was wondering which plugins are the best to use in 2020. Here are our top 5 WordPress plugins that you can use now: Contact Forms 7 Do you need easy to use forms? Contact Forms 7 is the one for you! Offering easy setup and ReCaptcha options you cannot go wrong with

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How do I increase the upload file limit on WordPress?

Admin/ March 2, 2020/ Our Blog

If your website is running on WordPress, as much as the platform is perfect for nearly everything, there are certain limitations to what you’ll be able to do. One of these limits is in regards to the maximum size of a file you’ll be able to upload to your site. Typically this can be an issue especially if you’re uploading

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What Is SEO?

Admin/ February 27, 2020/ Our Blog

Have you ever wondered how websites get themselves to the first page of Google? Well, it takes a lot of effort, time and adaptation. Websites like Google have a very complex algorithm that ranks it’s web pages. This is essentially a list of boxes that your website should be ticking that change continuously. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s

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Four Web Design Tips To Convert Visitors Into Customers

Admin/ February 25, 2020/ Our Blog

As the director of a digital marketing agency, I’ve learned that every business needs to invest in improving online visibility because of consumer behaviour. People leverage the power of smartphones and the internet to learn more about products and services, making them independent shoppers. And the rise of branded searches, or users looking for information about your company or products,

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Get Your Business On The Google Play Store FREE!

Admin/ February 21, 2020/ Our Blog

It’s Giveaway Time Again!! Win a free Android App on the Google Play Store for your business.   We are giving one lucky company a FREE app for their business on the Google Play Store. To enter please just fill out the form.   Do you want to make it even easier for your customers to find your website and

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6 Great Tips For Building Forms On Your Website

Admin/ February 17, 2020/ Our Blog

Do you currently have a website that’s lacking traffic and high-quality leads? If so, you’re not alone. Both professional bloggers and business owners struggle to get more eyes on their website and improve contact with their audience. Believe it or not, 63% of business owners say that generating leads and more traffic is their greatest struggle. What if we told

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How To Secure Your WordPress Website The Right Way

Admin/ February 4, 2020/ Our Blog

Setting up your WordPress website ( see how to install WordPress ) is the first big stepping stone in getting your website live and noticed by the wider public. However, you don’t want to be complacent now it’s gone live. You’re going to want to ensure that your WordPress is fully protected and secured so that it isn’t in danger

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Get Better Sales From Your Website Using A Sales Funnel

Admin/ February 3, 2020/ Our Blog

Get Better Sales From Your Website Using A Sales Funnel You may have heard the term before, but may not be sure what they are. Sale Funnels! They can be one of the most useful tools to drive sale through your website if you know what they are and how to set one up. To be honest, it’s pretty simple,

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Learn How To Install A WordPress Website

Admin/ February 2, 2020/ Our Blog

How To Install WordPress WordPress, which originally started out as a blogging platform, quickly evolved to become one of the most popular website builders in the world. Apparently accounting for a third of all websites that are currently live on the internet. It’s a major appeal to the public is that it is user-friendly, it avoids the steep learning curve

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How To Double You Business Page Likes From Companies On Facebook In 1 Week

Admin/ January 26, 2020/ Our Blog

Hi folks, I thought I would share with you what I did to double my business page likes from companies on Facebook in 1 week!. It’s pretty simple and there are only 2 simple steps. Step 1 Join this Facebook group here Step 2 Once your membership has been approved make a new post something like this.“Hi there I

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