10 Reasons To Have A Business Website

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In 2020 the internet has changed the way people in the UK shop and get information. According to Statista, E-commerce accounted for a 16.5 per cent share of total business turnover in the United Kingdom in 2017. By 2021, roughly 93 per cent of UK internet users are expected to do online shopping. With this much power with the consumer, all business needs to have a presence online to be competitive in their industry. Good web design is the best way to increase business. 

Tell Customer Who and Of Course How To Find You

Once you have a website that has been set up correctly you will have an instant global presence being able to attract customers not just from your local area but from around the world if you wish to. This could potentially vastly increase your number of customers. No matter if you services customers locally, nationally or internationally a website can seriously increase your chances of being found by your future customers.

Open All Hours

Once your business has a website, direct contact with your customers can happen instantly without the need of even picking up a phone. Any new promotions or offers even new product launches can be instantly communicated to any of the visitors to your site. Imagine the savings possible on flyers and advertisements. Another element of a website is that it can be integrated with your existing social media accounts helping to build a seamless process across multiple media. When you post content to your blog that may attract new customers, you can use your site to post it automatically to social media to instantly promote that post to thousands of possible customers.

It Can Save You Money

A business website does not cost much at all to maintain. When compared to other advertising, it is very inexpensive. Due to the power of a business website to make money, the returns are higher than all other advertising methods. A website is a sales tool, explaining to your customers about your products and services and helping to generate leads from the information gained. If you compare this to the salary of a salesperson and the cost of sales collateral, it is a fraction of the cost.

Attract Brand New Customers

One of the main reasons to have a professionally designed website is the potential to attract new customers. As your potential customers browse the internet they will be able to access all the information they require about your products and services, latest information and offers and your business location, these are customers that without a website may not have ever found you. Combine this with the power of Google Analytics and you will have the power to offer the right products to the right customers at the right stage of the sales process.

Better Customer Service

With a website, you will have a contact page which gives the customer the ability to instantly contact you with any issues they may have. This allows you to be able to give the customer an instant response and improve customer satisfaction with your company. We can even add live chat plugins giving you the ability to talk to your customers in real-time.

Know More About Your Customers

Your business website will have the ability to track your customer’s actions on the website. The data you collect can help you better offer your products and services to your customer and further help increase sales.

It’s Just Easier For Your Customers

Consumers of today want their shopping experience to be as easy as possible, this is why more and more of them are preferring to shop online. Having a website for your business will make it easier for your customers to do this. Can you remember when you last ordered something by mail or phone? Most of the people reading this will not even remember the mail order era (which is good and a lot less painful).

It’s Just Less Maintenance

Once your business website is set up, it will require little maintenance day-to-day giving you back valuable time to do what you do best, BUSINESS!

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